Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the cost of charter school business operations, ease the bureaucratic burden on educators, and provide expertise and counsel that helps charter schools invest more education dollars in education and dedicate more of their time and energy to achieving their mission and fulfilling their charter.

Our Services

  • Finance Management
  • HR Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Legal Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Policy Development
  • Ongoing Training
  • High-Level Support
  • Consulting

What Sets Us Apart

We are the best option for your school's management.

An On-Campus Relationship
When you engage Charter Solutions, you don’t get a faceless company in another part of the state. You can have an on-campus business manager who works with your administration, knows your teachers, and responds to your school’s needs. We custom-tailor our services to meet your needs.
Access to Shared Resources
In addition to an on-site business manager, you’ll also have easy access to Charter Solution's staff and experts across the state. Our business managers have a range of expertise and experience—and it’s all available to your school.
A Commitment to Drive Down the Cost of Doing Business
Compare our price to what some “charter management companies” charge and you’ll know that this commitment is more than just words. In addition, we help your school operate more efficiently year-to-year which can add up to HUGE savings.
With Charter Solutions, you get all the advantages of an in-house Business Manager who responds directly to your staff, plus the shared resources and expertise that are a key advantage of an outside service, all for less than you’d likely pay for a qualified Business Manager.