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Client Testimonials

"The very best investment our school made was to hire Charter Solutions. There was rarely if ever a question they couldn’t answer."

Dave Moss, Vista Charter School

"Lakeview Academy has been working with Charter Solutions for a while. It has been a great experience. Charter Solution's staff and services are top notch, very professoinal, and affordable. Consulting services, IT services, HR services are second to none. Their large bank of knowlege, staff, and services is exactly what charter schools can use to build their charter. I give Charter Solutions an A+! "

Cory Thorson, Lakeview Academy

"Charter Solutions is always ready to help on anything the school needs. Having them on board has really eased the burden on our principal and the board."

Tracy Roberts, C.S. Lewis Academy

"We had a CPA, an attorney, and a teacher on our board, and had hired an experienced charter school principal. We were unsure if we needed what Charter Solutions offered. But they have proved their value. Hiring the right principal and engaging Charter Solutions—two of the best decisions we made."

Robb Enger, Providence Hall

As the former Board President of Lakeview Academy, I worked with Charter Solutions and their employees for almost 5 years and I would recommend their services to any charter school without hesitation or reservation.

When I started working with Charter Solutions, I was struck by their collaborative approach. Rather than assuming they knew what was best for our school, they took the time to understand our school’s charter and the needs of our school and then make recommendations accordingly.

They frequently went above and beyond to assist us when difficult situations arose and proved to be a valuable sounding board for the Board of Trustees on various topics.

Charter Solutions was instrumental in assisting our school with easing and navigating the many bureaucratic requirements associated with running a school. This has freed up the Board of Trustees and key staff members to focus on what matters most to us – educating children!

The professionalism and knowledge level of their staff is invaluable as they thoroughly and accurately performed the various state and federal reporting, HR, business and financial services necessary for our school.

Even with all the services they provide, we have still been able to reduce our administrative cost allowing us to put more of our education dollars into our classrooms, curriculum and programs thus serving and meeting the needs of our students more fully.

Tina Smith, Former Board President, Lakeview Academy

Gateway Preparatory Academy has benefited from the services of Charter Solutions since our inception six years ago. They have helped guide us from a very shaky financial standing to firm ground. they have provided board training, human resources services, support in salary and benefits, policy development, federal grants management, payroll, and regular consultation about all things charter. They have been a key to our success and their services are much appreciated.

Rob Lee—Director, Gateway Preparatory Academy

Charter Solutions has been invaluable to our Academy. From the very beginning, when we were writing our Charter, to five years after opening our school, they have been instrumental in every step toward our success. They have helped us with everything from advising and training our Board, to developing sound policies, to providing fantastic business managers that take care of all our HR and financial needs. I can’t imagine trying to go through all of those first year struggles without the expert counseling and support that we got from Charter Solutions. I would recommend this company to any charter school-whether you are just getting started or are already established- you can only improve and succeed with Charter Solutions on your team!

Shelly Taylor—Board Chair, Excelsior Academy

Our school has been working with Charter Solutions for a number of years. Whenever we are facing tough issues, we know we can count on Charter Solutions to offer pertinent training and help us to come to a good resolution. It is nice to have a team of professionals who are experienced in the education field. They stay up-to-date on important issues with the State Board of Education to keep us informed. The services they provide to our school are invaluable. They make everybody's job easier.

Amy Rice—Board Chair, Gateway Preparatory Academy

Since the onset of our business relationship, Charter Solutions has demonstrated a level attention to the needs of our school that made us feel like we were their only client. The expertise they offer to their clients is invaluable and offered with a very high level of professionalism. We feel free to contact them with any concern and they respond quickly and with expert advice.

Kim Mitchell, Merit College Preparatory Academy

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