Primary Roles and Purpose

Our Business Managers assist the Board and Administration (Admin) with most non-instructional operations of the school. In this role, the Business Manager ensures that all school administration and instructional staff have the financial and physical resources to accomplish the schoolís mission.

Finance Management

We help schools develop budgets that meet the goals of their charters. Throughout the year, we ensure that the school lives within its budget by establishing sound financial procedures, accurately processing payments, and reporting the schoolís financial health to the Director and Board each month so youíll always know that you have the financial resources to achieve excellent education.

Typical duties may include:

Establish, maintain, analyze and evaluate accounting practices, systems, and controls
Perform bookkeeping duties, including handling money, accounts payable, etc.
Coordinate required state audits and reports with appropriate accounting firms and state agencies
Prepare all related reports including USOE reports, other state and federal reports, tax reports and other accounting reports as necessary
Assess and process all purchase orders and check requests and manage your budget by certifying available funds; establish proper authorization according to school policy
Reconcile and manage all school accounts, including bank and purchase card accounts
Collaborate with Admin to allocate appropriate resources and project staff needs, facilities needs, energy needs, capital equipment needs and other cost items for school improvement based on enrollment
Assist Admin with monitoring the overall school budget and see that programs are cost effective and funds are managed effectively
Negotiate favorable purchasing agreements for materials and supplies; follow state procurement code, rules and school purchasing policies
Track school revenue, establish internal controls over cash receipts, receive funds for deposit from others within the school and make bank deposits
Report monthly to the Board of Trustees regarding all financial matters of the school and meet as requested with the Director, Board Chair or Treasurer

HR Management

Charter Solutions serves the role of an HR department for our clients. While the Directors and Boards decide whom to hire, we ensure that employees are properly maintained. We assist in the hiring process, take care of new hire orientation, and administer payroll and benefit programs. When disciplinary action or termination of employment comes up, we help protect the school against costly unemployment or discrimination claims to protect the schoolís assets and good name.

Typical duties may include:

Keep accurate employment records of all school employees, including required electronic records and databases
Orient new employees to the schoolís HR manuals, handbooks and policies, including employee benefit plans
Ensure employees complete necessary new-hire or change paperwork
Assist Admin with checking references of employment candidates
Complete regular payroll, including processing time cards, calculation of deductions, and payment of wages to employees
Ensure remittance of withholdings to benefit providers and taxing authorities
Receive communication from Admin on the management of employee assignments within the school, pay rates and wage data and enter data into payroll systems accordingly
Assist Admin with the administration of employee benefit plans and coordinate with benefit providers; work with Admin in developing benefit plans as needed
Assist administration with unemployment and workers' compensation claims as needed

Facilities Management

Charter Solutions can supervise your maintenance and janitorial staff or contractors so you can spend your time with students and teachers in classrooms. We can make sure your lawn is mowed, your snow is plowed, your building is clean, and that your maintenance budget isnít a drain on your education dollars.

Typical duties may include:

Track the schoolís assets and work with Admin to inventory and maintain the schoolís property and supplies
Prepare depreciation schedules of fixed assets for inclusion in the audited financial statements
Maintain and direct the sale or disposal of surplus equipment
Oversee maintenance of replacement cost-asset inventory for insurance purposes
Assist Admin with the drafting of bids and bid specifications for new equipment purchases
Assist Admin by coordinating with school custodial and maintenance staff to ensure adequate resources are used to maintain the facility
Assist Admin in budget development for capital improvements to the facility as needed

Legal Compliance

Our charter school experts can help your staff and school stay on the right side of the law. We follow new laws and are ready with required policies that are in line with your charter and in keeping with those laws. We will evaluate the processes you have or put new procedures and forms in place that protect the school from liability.

Typical duties may include:

Ensure applicable federal and state laws are followed and that local board policy is followed as applicable to business operations
Manage all hardcopy and computerized reports, records, and other required documents related to Business Management responsibilities, including appropriate archiving of records
Compile and review monthly and annual financial statements and budget reports
Act as liaison with the schoolís chosen insurer(s)
Coordinate required governmental fiscal audits and reports
Report periodically (generally monthly) to the Board Chair
Meet as needed with the Director, Board Chair or Treasurer


Ask any charter school Director and he or she will tell you that filing reports takes too much precious time. Charter Solutions takes care of filing non-instructional reports so Directors and Principals donít have to. Your Principal will never have to file a financial, benefits, negotiations, or fire drill report ever again, and can spend that time training teachers and refining your charterís program.

Typical reports may include:

Board finance reports
USOE finance reports
LAND Trust
Fee waiver
Transparency report
Negotiations report
Title I Comparability report
YEWS S3 report
Retirement census
Library books and electronic resources
Fire drill compliance
UT Money Management reports
E Rate reports
Bond reports
Ö and on, and on, and on.

Policy Development

With eleven client schools in Utah, Charter Solutions has developed policies for almost any circumstance. Good policies help protect the school from liability and save the Boardís and Administrationís time figuring out how to address problems. Whenever you need a new policy developed, Charter Solutions will work with the Board to create policies in line with your charter and that ease the burden on the school. Our clients have access to an entire policy manual template that can be edited to fit your needs, or could be used as a resource to get the conversation started within your organization.

Ongoing Training

Charter Solutions helps make sure that your Board and Administration get started on the right foot and receive ongoing development so you grow in your role as the school does. When new Board Members or Administrators are hired, they benefit from the same ongoing training. With Charter Solutions, youíll be prepared when difficult situations arise, and youíll learn how to manage and govern the school effectively and in compliance with the law. When new regulations and processes come out, we proactively research them and take a lead within the Charter community. Our clients benefit from the access to the necessary training and support.

Examples of this include:

Transparency reporting process
Utah Public Education Finance System (UPEFS)

High-Level Support

Charter Solutions has relationships and agreements with additional education experts in finance, law, accounting, HR, governance, and all aspects of school operations. We mediate disputes, represent you in small claims court and administrative hearings, and negotiate on your behalf. Your school can save thousands by addressing problems early before lawyers need to become involved.


With in-house experts in charter law, teaching methods, education programs, school administration, information technology, board governance and more, we can help your entire staff with practically any issue. With Charter Solutions, youíll have an on-site professional and access to our entire staff of experts.

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