Empowering Charter Schools

Charter Solutions is a service provider, not a management company. We work under the direction of the board and school's CAO- empowering you to run your school in a way that is best for your school community. We offer charter schools a comprehensive package, including start-up and comprehensive charter school business management services. At Charter Solutions, we are passionate about service excellence and about driving down the cost of operating your charter school so you can put your school’s education dollars into educating students- where they belong! We take the burden of charter school fiscal, operational and human resources/payroll compliance so you can concentrate on fulfilling your charter and your mission.

Successful Leadership

Charter Solutions President, Lincoln Fillmore, is a career education reformer. With experience as a teacher, principal, board member, and of course a business manager, Mr. Fillmore is uniquely qualified to provide you with the expertise you need to build and operate a successful charter school. His expertise is unmatched in the industry, with high-level board and administrative advising and consulting his passion. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1999 with a Communications degree.  Lincoln has been involved in the community since his late teens when he ran for City Council in his hometown, Foster City, CA. He has lived in Salt Lake County for more than 36 years. He was elected to serve in the Utah State Senate in 2016. He is a big fan of Major League Baseball, having attended games at many ballparks around the country. 

Charter Solutions Vice-President, Max Meyer, has been operating businesses for more than 35 years. Max's career started at the age of 10. He started selling watermelons (harvested himself) at his own Missouri roadside stand. He grew that business through his teen years, expanding to sell a variety of fruits and vegetables- purchased from the St. Louis' Farmer's Market. During those years, he ran three separate small businesses with a partner and has been successfully operating businesses ever since. He chose to enter the charter school world in 2003 as the founding business manager at American Preparatory Academy in Draper. Max is a pioneer in the charter industry in Utah. He started his charter work when all the charter business managers in the state sat at one table. Max's focus at Charter Solutions is operational efficiency at each of our schools, as well as Charter Solutions of course. He graduated from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri with a degree in Business Management. Max has a unique exercise regimen- Firewood Pumping! He splits and stacks firewood each morning for exercise- six days a week! 

Charter Solutions Operations Director, Mandee Thompson, was the founding board treasurer and building officer at Lakeview Academy, where she served for three years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Utah Valley University, with an emphasis in internal audit. She served previously on the board of the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS) as Board Treasurer. As a business owner, Mandee learned the importance of providing the right resources at the right time- she applies this to school operations today. Her experience in accounting and as a founding charter school board member is invaluable to our clients as they move through the startup process and learn how to properly govern a public school. If you can't find Mandee, she's likely off in a corner reading one of her many books.  

Charter Solutions Development Director, Rich Eccles, was a founding parent and Chief Financial Officer at Legacy Preparatory Academy in North Salt Lake, Utah (2005). He holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah. Rich is praised by the board members and school administrators who work closely with him, having a reputation for being a great advisor. Prior to his work in the charter school industry, Rich was a small business consultant and software developer. He's held board positions with the Central Valley Veterinary Group and the Pet Samaritan Fund of Utah. Rich enjoys fast cars.

Broad Experience

Charter Solutions Business Management Team, staff in our business offices come from a variety of backgrounds and have broad experience. Our team includes Master's level accountants, career accountants, HR professionals and former teachers. Charter Solutions offers our clients a full range of expertise in business services, customer service, human resources, payroll administration, public administration, non-profit management, board consulting, marketing consulting, and of course support in the role you play within education reform.  

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