Why We're Different

Money Matters

Charter Solutions philosophy of education dollars is simple:  Spend money where it matters most—in the classroom. We know that our role is not to say, "No!" to budget requests, rather, to find a way to say "Yes!" when possible. Download our Money Matters brochure.

Our FOCUS is...

  • to reduce the cost of charter school operations.
  • to ease the bureaucratic burden on educators.
  • to provide expertise and counsel that helps charter schools invest more dollars in education.
  • to allow educators to dedicate more of their time and energy to achieving the school's mission,  and fulfilling their charter.
  • to provide exceptional service, to exceed expectations by creating Raving Fans!
  • to train boards and Admin teams so their school operates effectively.
  • to drive operational costs down, so you can spend more money in the classroom!

The RESULTS of this focus are...

  • Charter Solutions schools spend less on administration.
  • Charter Solutions schools spend more on education.
  • Charter Solutions schools (nearly universally) have better facilities financings- saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

What does all this mean for you?

On total administrative services and salaries, Charter Solutions schools save approximately $132,000* and spend $88,000* more per year in the classroom- on educator salaries and classroom supplies.

Everything we do is designed to put your education dollars back into education, your energy back into your vision, and everyone’s focus on implementing your charter.

*Based on enrollment of 600 students.